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Monarch Bowling Alley At 6030 Scott St.

Highrise Tower

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I was browsing the newspaper The Rice Thresher dated February 12, 1964 and came across this business ad for Monarch Bowling Alley located Old Spanish Trail & Scott Street.

Given it was in the 1960s, did anyone ever go here and bowl? Are there any pictures of this place, or postcards?  I'd love to hear some memories!

Coming Saturday...  the one... the only.. Grundelet presented by The Rally Club and featuring the hairy navel contest between the following distinguished John "Jelly Roll" Mims, Bart "Hirsute" Huemmer, Gibson "Umbilicus" Anderson.

Saturday, Feb. 15. 9 till 1.

T.J. McWright's Combo. Free Beer.  $3.50 Couple.


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As a first grader, I learned to bowl at that bowling alley, when it was known at OST Bowling Lanes. That was in 1958. It became "Monarch" some time after that, perhaps 1960.

I just checked it on Google maps, and it's a Walgreen's drug store now. The weird thing about the original building was that the bowling alley was upstairs. There was nothing downstairs except the structural beams. It might be that it was planned for retail, or possibly covered parking, but that never came about.


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