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Almeda Speedway At 14601 Almeda Rd.

Highrise Tower

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Does anyone remember this small race track in the 1970s located on Almeda road near Beltway 8? It has since been paved over and an industrial pipe supply business named Tioga Pipe Supply Company, Inc. has been built over it. 

It's located on Almeda Road in between West Riley Road and White Road.  On any historic aerials website you can put the address 14601 Almeda Rd, Houston, TX 77055 and go back in time to the 1970's and see the oval race track.  A concert flyers specifies "Fives miles south of Astrodome at Almeda."

There used to be a concert venue (or festival) here named Day of Joy which featured Rock & Roll and Pop bands, even ZZ Top played here. 

On autoracingrecords.com the track is listed as Almedo Speedway. Probably a typo.

Almeda Speedway was in operation from 01/01/1970 to ?. The track was designed as a 1/4 mile dirt oval race track.

The category of racing was (primarily) midget racing.



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It is likewise listed as "Almedo Speedway" in the third edition of Allan Brown's "The History of America's Speedways", which indicates that it was only active during 1970.

I'm assuming that the misspelling propagated itself through repetition. As Brown's book is a listing of approximately 8000 speedways that operated in the US, it's somewhat understandable that he didn't catch the error, given that this particular venue wasn't in operation for very long and that only a limited amount of documentation concerning it seems to have survived. 

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Almeda Speedway changes hands, June 21, 1972.

Bob Derrington, a former NASCAR grand national driver, has bought the speedway at 1500 Almeda Road. Formerly Almeda Speedway, has rechristened to Space City Raceway, and held his first race last Friday.

Stock Car Racing. Late Model Stock, Mini Stock, Hobby Stock.





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