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Courteous Cab Company On Holcombe Blvd. At South Main St.

Highrise Tower

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I was browsing Southwestern Times magazine dated January 13, 1949 and came across this business listing for Courteous Cab Co. located at Bellaire (now Holcombe) and South Main.

Looks like the owner, or driver was Justin Phone Number - 8-5155.

Very cool! Anyone, on the slight, know about this place? I wonder the chance of our HAIF members using, or hearing, about this cab company. 

That corner of Main & Holcombe is very, very famous.  I'm glad TAMU made a statement there.  Only if we could develop the opposite corner with the Burger King and Pizza Hut.



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8 minutes ago, Highrise Tower said:

Looks like the owner, or driver was Justin Phone Number - 8-5155.

I  think JUstin was the name of the telephone exchange. From Rice History Corner:

I had never heard of JU (or J8) numbers. But after scanning ads in the 1954 City Directory for Houston on ancestry.com, it appears that “JU” in Houston was “JUstin”. There’s an ad for the Hugh Wilkin Lumber Co., 2302 Danville, on the page labelled “I 238” (page 40 of 413 on ancestry.com’s copy) listing the phone number as “JUSTIN 5454”.

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