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The Caribana Club At 8220 West Bellfort Ave.

Highrise Tower

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This is a later location of the Caribana. It was originally located at 2413 Rice Blvd, and in addition to being the place to go for live reggae, it was well-known for its infamous 3-for-1 drink specials. It has been discussed here previously, and a forum search should turn up multiple mentions, probably in one of the Rice Village threads. 

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The address is now Riddims Club, which I've never heard of.  Cool Runnings Jamaican Grill is the only business in that center I've been to.


I think there was a shooting or small riot in the parking lot of the club maybe as much as 20 years ago.  That may have had as much to do with the c-store on the end as the club.  I have no idea when it closed.


Per Wiki - Riddim is the Jamaican Patois pronunciation of the English word "rhythm". In the context of reggae, dancehall and séga music, it refers to the instrumental accompaniment to a song and is synonymous with the rhythm section. Wikipedia

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  • The title was changed to The Caribana Club At 8220 West Bellfort Ave.

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