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Has Anyone Else Ever Noticed This?


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Preface: This is my first ever post on HAIF. I have read this forum semi-regularly for a few years, but just decide to create an account yesterday. I am sorry if I made mistakes in this post or put it in the wrong place.

Whenever I load up Google Maps, one thing about Houston always catches my eye: The lack of development on the eastern end of the Houston area. The whole area roughly bounded by 99, I10, Beltway 8, and 59, and extending partially into East Houston is almost completely rural farmland or empty lots. It is practically the same distance from the inner loop as Katy, Cinco Ranch, and Cypress, which have all been built out rapidly in the last 15 years. I was just wondering if there was a specific reason for avoiding building in this huge area?

Picture of region here: https://imgur.com/a/HuvoFM9

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2 hours ago, IWantTransit555 said:

And so was a lot of the Katy Prairie. Lots of developers have ignored floodplain areas and built there anyways. I don't think flooding would be enough from discourage development in this huge are relatively close to the loop.

The Katy Prairie wasn't flood prone from rising water from rivers and such. Any flooding out there is due to the flow of water being blocked. In general the Katy Prairies absorbed a lot of water. The areas to the East we are discussing can have major flooding from the San Jacinto and Trinity rivers. 

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