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Apartments At 2214 MacGregor Way


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I'll be really happy to see this lot being developed. For how many people that the med center employs, there is a serious lack of good housing options in the area. My wife and I lived in the area for six years, and lived in two separate apartment complexes in that time. Both times that we were shopping for a rental, it was shocking how limited our options were if we were trying to stay within two miles.

This location is a couple hundred feet from the MacGregor bus line which puts you within a stop or two of MD Anderson, St. Lukes, etc. With the TMC3 and Levit Green developments going on, I don't see how any competent housing developer could lose in this area. Especially if they can keep rents in the price range of a nurse or office worker.

In my opinion, a mid-rise condo building would also be a great fit. What ended up forcing us out of the area is that we wanted to buy rather than rent. There were simply no good options in our price range, unlike other neighborhoods within the loop like Montrose, Upper Kirby, Midtown, or the Heights. Heck, the Downtown has much better condo options and has the advantage of being on the rail.

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  • The title was changed to Apartments At 2214 MacGregor Way

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