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Homco Field At 11400 South Main St.


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In the early 60's Willow Creek Little League that had been playing behind Red Elementary was given land across South Main from the South Main Drive Inn and Homeco Field was built. Due to the lights from the baseball fields the Little League had to pay to have a large sheet metal wall built to keep the lights from disrupting the movies.

Growing up in Willow Bend I remember driving up Willow Bend Blvd and always checking out what movie was playing on the South Main Drive Inn screen.

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  • The title was changed to Willow Creek Little League's HOMCO Field

I was browsing old The Bellaire Texan newspapers dated in the 1950s and found an address!  This field was often referred to being located at "Stella Link at South Main" but I found a news article that is giving an address of 11400 South Main Street.

There was a golf course/golf range at that same intersection, no? Does anyone have any details on where the two were located? Maybe different decades? Looks like the South Main Golf Center/Briarwood Country Club was located at 10920 South Main St.

I also heard this baseball field was across from the South Main Drive-In Theater which was located at 11510 South Main St. Looking at the two addresses, they are very close to each other.




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  • The title was changed to Homco Field At 11400 S 11400 South Main St.outh Main St.
  • The title was changed to Homco Field At 11400 South Main St.
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Remember South Main Drive In very well.  We would go there often before McLendon Triple was built (originally and very briefly named Astro 3).  Not sure about the golf course/range, I guess like you said, was a different decade, and before my time.  I only remember the go carts and put golf a little further up South Main from Stella Link.

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