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National Guard Armory Base At 1850 Old Spanish Trl.

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EastEnd Susan said:
I also like watching what I used to call the "Army Men" while they were training at what I think was the National Guard facility.

Assuming that the Nat'l Guard facility you're talking about is the one between Almeda and Fannin, it's about to be closed and relocated to Ellington Air Force Base. The Texas Medical Center (UT-Health Science Center maybe?) will be taking the land to build additional medical/research facilities. They just built a "proton therapy" center next door to it.

I'm guessing there used to be a lot of cattle out that way when you used to drive through there...

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Well, southeast of Almeda and OST, there's some vacant plots of land in that industrial center...and I think if they reconfigured that area (GSC is moving soon, which will open that bunch of warehouses, they could be sectioned off into new tenants; additionally, the National Guard Facility at Bertner and OST could be used).

That way, we could move the golf course off of Hermann Park and open all that area up to redevelopment, some zoo parking [and then of course use the original parking to make more zoo, as discussed], some fields to play frisbee or whatever. Perhaps another "bark park" to keep the dogs off the area.

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  • The title was changed to National Guard Armory Base At 1902 Old Spanish Trl.
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Are there any photos of the different National Guard/Army Corps buildings? Looking on an old aerial from 1989, I see 3 buildings with some smaller structures scattered around.

Today I thought about this old campus because yet another building broke ground here. 

Not sure of the exact address for this campus.  I see both 1800 Old Spanish Trail and 1902 Old Spanish Trail.  Maybe just the different buildings I guess. The US Army Reserve Training Center was located at 1850 Old Spanish Trail.

1989 aerial view showing the 3 buildings a long the "OST Strip" which is now the UT Research Park Complex.


Texas Capitol Complex Telephone Directory, 1984.


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  • The title was changed to National Guard Armory Base At 1850 Old Spanish Trl.

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