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Favorite Parks In Houston?

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What is your favorite park in Houston, and why? 
I really love Discovery Green and Buffalo Bayou Parks. Both of them for being catalysts for further development, and for being well-programmed spaces. I’d have to give the edge to BBP, though, because it really feels like you’re stepping into a totally different place when you take the trails near the water versus when you’re at street level! I just love how nicely planted it is- it feels very “wild” for being smack dab in the middle of some of the busiest parts of the city!

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Does it just have to be one?  If so, I'd probably put Fiorenza Park at the top just because of the lake and hills.  And because it's a ten minute bike ride from my house.  Close behind are Terry Hershey, Memorial, and Hermann Parks.  Very close behind them are any of the bayou trails that go on for miles.

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Hermann Park without a doubt is the crown jewel. You can do everything you can possibly think of in this Park because they're so much room. It's so classically beautiful with the views down the reflection pool toward the S. Houston statue. Speaking of we need the Zoo to do something cool on the opposing side of the lake. The brown Jurassic Park cone is not giving anything. The bird island, diversity of creatures, the Zoo, the subtle yet powerful TMC adjacent, Mecom Fountains, Museums, Oak Lined LR line and streets, it's the most "Houston" spot in the whole city. Not to mention it's the left chamber of our beating cultural heart.

Buffalo Bayou/Eleanor Tinsley/Spot Parks are a solid 2nd. Really have come around but still have a ways to go. Sure you can almost do the same things, but it's very narrow and creates a lot of bottlenecks. I think we need more connectivity, having Allen Parkway and Memorial Drive strangling it sort of takes away the magic. The Skyline view is postcard picture perfect. 

Memorial Park is a close 3rd. Might even pass up BBP once more phases of the Master Plan open up. The Everglades is such a tasteful & beautiful way to showcase our topography, and the land bridge is vital to creating connectivity.

Discovery Green is down at number 4 simply because it's a private enterprise disguised as a park. Imagine if the park somehow rolled above the GRB, spilled onto the roof, and then cascades back down over the future 59/69 & 45 cap. It needs more room to breathe, same as BBP. Although it's small, it's well thought out and buzzing with activity.

Terry Hershey has a long way to go, and desperately needs lighting down the trails. 

Emancipation Park & Eastwood Park are honorable mentions. Haven't been to Levy yet but it looks nice.

Grady Park in Uptown also holds a special place because it was so nice to run on crushed granite instead of concrete. 

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