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Houston Community College South Campus


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Is this the same location? I'm not sure. And I did not realize the project was going to be THIS BIG.

In a few weeks, look for groundbreaking on a Llewelyn-Davies Sahni-designed, 103-acre HCC campus including a sports complex adjacent to the site of the Dynamo’s proposed practice complex south of Reliant Stadium. Project manager Ranjan Roy tells us LDS is master-planning the site with tennis courts, a six-hole par 3 practice golf course, football field, baseball field, and field house with indoor basketball courts. Phase I consists of a driving range and two two-lane roads (to later be expanded to four lanes): a north/south road off Airport Blvd named College Way and a road connecting to Kirby aptly called East/West Road. Ranjan tells us LDS will get the notice to proceed and break ground on the roadways in the next week; expect completion by September. LDS is coordinating an interlocal agreement with HCC and the City of Houston including how the roads will be built and maintained.

LDS’s tentative master plan, including more academic buildings for HCC. The construction schedule for later phases depends on growth and demand. Ranjan tells us the timing of this announcement isn’t linked to the decision on the Dynamo Stadium in EaDo; the Dynamo (which will partner on construction through its property) were eagerto get started even before that was finalized. Ranjan says theapproval process was a challenge because there were so many agencies involved. Although the county recently improved Sims Bayou, alleviating flood problems in the area, FEMA hasn’t changed the flood plain map yet, making it difficult to determine further improvements needed. There is one existing building on the site, HCC South Campus’ fully operational Willie Lee Gay Hall.


source: http://www.bisnow.co...tory.php?p=8198


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