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Panama Hotel At 202 25th St.


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They have just begun renovating this building downtown, its gutted currently.



The Panama Hotel was constructed in 1912, and was so named because it coincided with the opening of the Panama Canal. At the time the building was constructed, it boasted 103 rooms with private baths, steam heat, and telephones in every room. The hotel floor plan, when viewed from above, has a distinct E shape. This unique configuration allowed every room to have at least one window.

The building is a four story, poured in place and reinforced concrete frame structure, with a brick veneer facade. The parapet at the roof is constructed using a native Texas fossilized limestone.

Preservation plans are for the design of 20 luxury condominums and retail space. This redevelopment project began in 2004 and is well on its way to completion.


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Cool news clip. I am glad to see that Galveston is in a boom again and that it is moving along quite nicely. I can't wait to see what happens on the island in the next few years.

And cool that the Palisade Palms are starting next week.

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  • The title was changed to Panama Hotel At 202 25th St.

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