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Honey & Maple Syrup

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Anyone else a honey or maple syrup aficionado? After shopping at Central Market for twenty years I became a foodie.  I always try and scope out the local, or craft, honey & maple syrup.


What's your favorite?


For honey, I prefer Tupelo Honey. I find it the sweetest and lightest honey.


For maple syrup, I prefer the darkest flavor.  The Grade A Dark Amber, or Extra Dark.

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Savannah Bee Company makes this premium line of honey named Gold Reserve. They sell for $100/flute.  Saw this at Bering's Hardware on Bissonnet in West U.




Sourwood Honey comes from the Appalachian Mountains of North Georgia where sourwood trees are most abundant. Each frame was carefully hand-selected by the beekeeper, producing only 1,000 bottles.Its unique flavor is universally appealing, and arguably the best in the world. The name Sourwood Honey certainly contradicts the irresistible flavors, ranging from maple spice to caramel, to gingerbread.


Every jar is signed and numbered by our founder, Ted, then hand-labeled and hand-dipped in beeswax three times to seal the cork. Savannah Bee’s Sourwood Gold Reserve recently won a sofi Silver Award for excellence in Honey at the Specialty Food Association’s Fancy Food Show.









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