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If Only My Walls Would Share Who Built Them


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I'm trying to learn who built my home in Memorial Area around 1969.  That is the date of the original mortgage but its possible that the home was constructed before (or parts of it.) After an 18 month search, I know more than I want to about the neighborhood but still have no information on the architect so thought I would reach out to ask for help.  What started as research to understand building technology for a complicated insurance claim (3 overlapping losses before/during Harvey) has grown into a deep admiration for who ever built this home.  Help!!  I can't find the bottom of my rabbit hole.  cknake@comcast.net.





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Are you trying to find the builder or the architect? It's a long shot but there may be a record of the building permit available if the house was built in one of the incorporated municipalities in the Memorial Area. That document would probably have the builder's name and maybe the architects as well.


I know you do not want to publish the address, or give any more context to reveal its location, but perhaps someone will recognize the house and contact you via the e-mail address you provided. It is a very nice looking structure. Good luck.

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Like Marmer said, we'd love to help if we had just a bit more information. I live in a 70's contemporary so I'm partial to digging up information on that style. 


Good luck in your search. It's a beautiful home!


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