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Surrey House Motor Hotel At 8330 South Main St.


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The Surrey House Motel on 8330 S. Main:

The owner of a hotel on South Main late Thursday ordered all tenants to leave, including Hurricane Katrina evacuees staying there.

Bewildered residents at the Surrey House Medical Center Hotel, 8330 South Main near Reliant Park, said they were called by front desk workers about 9 p.m. and notified of the eviction.

Surrey House owner and general manager Ashish Desai said he made the decision to evict the tenants shortly after he was assaulted at the hotel.

"Somebody hit me. I just want to close," Desai said late Thursday. "I just want to close the motel - permanently."

Desai told the residents they had two hours to vacate their rooms.

"I'm just asking everybody to leave. I'm refunding everybody's money," Desai said, refusing to elaborate.

full article

what will go there now? this is across from reliant park, and next to the target...

the demolition permit was issued already, so it may already be gone:





Owner / Occupant:


Job Address:

8330 MAIN ST

i'll post photos/postcards soon.

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look at those cars, from left to right:

'63 T-bird vert, '64 or '65 Stang, looks like a Studebaker, '64 Ford Galaxie, '65 Chevy Malibu, '67 or '68 Merc Cougar. I am in agony, A-GO-NEEEEEEEEEEEEEE !

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Let's see, he is saying he got "hit" and that's the reason he kicked everyone out within two hours? Then got a demo permit? WTF? Sounds like he sold (or is about to sell) the place to me!

What's really sad is a lot of pts from MD Anderson stayed there--they had a free shuttle I saw all the time. Apparently it was an affordable place and not bad.

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The guy must have sold the property. Just as soon as the demolition was completed a fence went up around it with a development company's sign announcing a new shopping center was coming. Maybe there was an offer on the table to buy the property and the assault was the final straw that made the owner decide to bail out. Anyway, the place was just one of the many nasty eyesores on that stretch of South Main. It was not well kept. I'm not a big fan of yet another shopping center, but just about anything will look better than what was there.

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If i'm thinking of the right place, Looks like a parking garage, Washington Mutual and a quizno's and Fedex kinkos is going up.

You've got the right spot. It's become a smallish shopping strip facing Main St., and a large 4-story apartment complex, complete with parking garage, facing Braesmain.

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  • The title was changed to Surrey House Motor Hotel At 8330 South Main St.

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