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Avant Post Oak Park: Planned Residential High-Rise

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Proposed high-rise to be planted on 2 acres of the former Post Oak Park Townhomes site. This is being developed by Interfin, the group behind Avant Buffalo Bayou. Martin Fein purchased the remaining 3.4 acres and is currently construction a mid-rise.






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6 hours ago, ekdrm2d1 said:

Great news. Is there already a thread for this? Slightly confused. The below thread mentions a high rise as well




The townhomes that were demolished covered 5.4 acres. Initially a foreign investor planned a number of high-rises here but things took a slump shortly after the land was purchased. It eventually went into a foreclosure sale and the investor split the property into two by selling 3.4 acres of the south portion to Martin Fein in 2017, while holding onto the 2 northern acres. The thread you posted is for the south portion.


The subdivision plat gives a good look at how it was divided. Unrestricted Reserve A is the site for Avant Post Oak Park, which gives evedince they recently sold the northern portion as well.





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