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Anyone Know About Paul Wall?


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I recently saw a news story about this guy doing some song to cheer on the Astros. At first I wan't paying much attention but when they said "Paul Wall"....I was like wait a minute I think I took a class at U of H with this guy.

Here's the google search on him:


I really don't follow that genre so I didn't know that he was in show biz at all.

If anyone knows him directly or has 7 degrees of separation would you please ask him if he took an English Lit. class in fall of 2000 with an Egyptian prof. by the name of AbuEla. The class was called literature and culture. I think we screened the movie "She" as a part of the course.

I'm almost sure this is the same guy who was in that class. There were only 12-15 people in it so we knew e/o's names which is rare in that school.

Anyway, congrats. are in order! WOW that's so cool that someone local I sort of knew back in school is a celebrity of sorts. It's not the same as the guy that can say he went to school with Celine Dion but hey I'm still very happy about this news.

Best of luck in your music career Paul!

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I think he did go to U of H. He currently has the #1 Album in the country (it might have went down a few). He is a rapper from Houston. If you want to see his current video go to Yahoo music (luanch) type in Paul Wall, and click on the video. He is about 25. He owns a grill shop (for teeth) at Sharpstown Mall and does grills for Sean "Diddy" Combs, Lil Jon, and many more famous people.



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It looks like him and I'm 26 so we would have been in school at the same time give or take a year.

It was about 5 years ago so I'm not 100% sure it's the same guy.

I do recall he was a pretty nice guy. He didn't really enjoy the class and some of the kids were know it all egg heads that loved to make others feel stupid by being the teacher's pet. He just didn't care from what I remember.

I think he was once in our group for some presentation.

Anywho, if anyone knows him and can ask him about that class it would be greatjust so I can verify.

BTW, every book we read (about 1 or 2 a week) was filled with sex so no one who took that class would have forgotten already.


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