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Wayland's Confectionary At 3522 Sampson St.


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Here is a place which has been there in the same location for many years. It's a one man kitchen that creates big hamburgers. He is near the old University of Houston area and has been working in his small kitchen since 1972 creating wonderful hamburger meals for really cheap prices. If you drive in the area, he might be hard to find simply because the area is somewhat old, but look closely and you will see his window. Here is a website that describes where he is at! I've eatten there 3 times now and love it!


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If you want a really good burger, Kelley's Country Cookin restaurant on 45 south and I think Park Place, has a burger that I'll bet you can't even finish in one sitting. It is also delicious ! It takes 2 people to bring it out for you. You definately get your money's worth. ^_^:DB)

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