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Phishing Attempt From Haif


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I got an email from member MBonu that goes as follows:


Mbonu has sent you a new personal message entitled "Hello".

You can read this personal message by following the link below:



The Houston Architecture Info Forum team.


When you go to the link, it is that Nigerian scam that has been going around for years.....here's a brief portion:



I will have to be brief and to the point, I have a proposition that may change your life for good.My name is CHIKA C. MBONU MANAGING DIRECTOR / CEO ASSURANCE BANK NIGERIA LTD. You can find more details about me on my Banks website ..............


Please be careful if you receive these types of scams....

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Why do people still fall for these goddamned scams?

I got a whole bunch of them one time, and I reported them to the FTC and the ISPs in some cases. Those idiots will never fool me!

Actually, phishing is pretending that your e-mail is that of a legitimate website (like Paypal).

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