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I live downtown in a high rise; in the Houston House. I know some of you on here may have lived here through a Hurricane in the past what should I do. Besides bringing in all my plants from my balcony. Should I leave for higher ground even though I am on the 25th floor?

i always wondered about that building... what's it like in inside?

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Were you there for the fire?

I was here for the fire. the elevators did not work before the fire very well and after the fire they started to break down more often. at this time they have not had one of the elevators working for 2 months now.

but what sort of time period? was it ever redone? is it fancy? is there a lobby? for me it's one of those "i pass it everday and sometimes wonder what it looks like inside" sort of places. the outside reminds me of public flats in sheffield...

the 16th floor was redone but the sheet-rock was just recovered by sheet-rock. that floor is the only floor in the building that has two layers of the stuff. there is a lobby and a door man that sits at a desk not at the door thusly making security an issue in the building. recently all the tires were stolen off a Chrysler 300. this place is far from fancy you are allowed to paint the walls and take out any walls you want redecorate how you want. I know of some people recently tearing down walls to make there kitchens feel open to the living space. however I don't think he asked the management team for permission. it looks better the way he has it we both have the same apartment. it is a nice place to live if your life is in transition and this is all you can afford. some women has been in the building since it opened. I just can't imagine me waisting my money on an apartment for that long

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