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Things you should know before moving to Houston

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Do your homework. It's the same as moving to any other city. Where will the job be? Will the pay be able to continue your current lifestyle (cost of living). Several websites have these calculators.


Climate. Do you need to sell all of your winter clothes? Did you stock up on off!?


Playing on google maps is very useful. Find a neighborhood you like, and within your budget. If you're looking for apartments check more than one website for listings/pricing. Play around with the directions to and from job/desired neighborhood during rush hour. Explore it on google, are there too many clubs? Not enough bars? Schools? Good district or good private schools? Does the area have essential stores like groceries, pharmacy, doctor, dentist, retail?


What type of income is the neighborhood surrounded by? How close are the train tracks?


It's a broad question but Houston is easy to navigate by car, and having a community or private pool is essential. There's a few weeks during the summer where there is not much to do outside besides swim.


If you enjoy the beach/natural water look South/Southeast. Trees & Trails, closer to lakes? North/Northeast. The smell of refineries? East. Worst traffic imaginable? Northwest. Boring bang for your buck? West. Less boring bang for you buck? Southwest.

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On 10/30/2016 at 8:55 AM, Esther said:

That's a very informative post. Thanks Montrose1100. Could you maybe name some of those websites that you talk about or should I just do a google search? I know some sites are more trustworthy than others. 

Zillow, HAR, Apartments, Apartment Finder. There still exist some real estate agents whom work solely on rental. Some are free and get paid when you write them down on the recommendation on the lease you sign.


Bank Rate Cost of Living Calculator


Remember that this is to give you a better idea of what income you should be making to retain current lifestyle. It's pretty general blanket for the entire metro. Living inside the loop will be more expensive than the burbs, but if oil prices rise up you could be putting more into the pump and maintenance. Also sacrificing commute time.


Crime Statistics can be found online although in the twilight of my 20's I can tell you that crime is pretty random (IMO). But if you have kiddos it might be good to know if there's someone in the neighborhood you need to be aware of.


Playing on google is a good alternative to visiting an area in person. Be it on maps, satellite, or street view. Flood Maps might be worth your time if you're buying.

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