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Potential New York Skyline 2018

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While all of these might not come to fruition its amazing what NYC could look like with these possible additions. Houston has been in a building boom for a little while know, but the economy has recovered to a point where even The Big Apple is getting some love. The link is below:







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The only one I like is the one being done by Norman Foster. The lines are nice. It's interesting in that it looks like it's essentially bursting out from it's surroundings via this very simple geometry. The skinniness to me seems to be an attempt to avoid the various setback rules in NYC. I think only a few of these will actually get built anyway and probably only one will be of any significance. What is great though is that NYC's skyline is getting a touch of contemporary. Freedom tower has just finished along with it's children skyscrapers yet to be completed. Then you may get a few of these. NYC skyline has been pretty static for quite awhile.

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^What do you mean Luminare?  NYC has added A TON of new highrises since the revival post-9/11




Since 2004/2005 8 of the top 20 tallest buildings in NYC have been built.  I'd say the skyline hasn't been static, just that its such a grand skyline only additions like Hudson Yards, WTC v2.0 and a few others make any impact.

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