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Houston WaterWalk


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The Houston site is expected to begin construction in June 2015, according to David Redfern, WaterWalk's president. Redfern declined to disclose more details, such as the exact location


Any ideas where this will go?

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It doesn't appear to be that much. Two-story garden apartment-style hotel rooms. The Wichita, KS, WaterWalk Hotel is kind of disappointing to look at from the outside.


But there could be more than one.


It isn't that much, nor is it all that exciting. IMHO, It really doesn't matter if there is "more than one". I actually live in Wichita, so I can provide some insight.


Put simply, they are effectively the same design of building used for Value Place extended-stay hotels with some improvements regarding the exterior. Value Place is a chain based in Wichita, whose founder (Jack DeBoer) is one of the developers of said project. They're basically just taking the design and modifying it for four floors of apartment sized units.


It is actually one of my least favorite projects here as of late. It's two four story buildings that sit on the edge of a gated parking lot.  While it theoretically is part of the overall WaterWalk development, and does have access to the river (which was the original point of the development), It's on the other bank and requires a crosswalk and a trip across the Lewis Street bridge to connect.


While it's been known that the project here was a pilot of sorts,  I didn't I didn't realize that they were going to start actively marketing it as quickly outside of the area as they appear to have.

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