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10710 Piping Rock


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 What a beautiful landscape layout. Walnut Bend has always held such nice residential designs. Hopefully this one will fall into mid-century appreciative hands. Unfortunately, it has seen some slight interior remodeling. Not good, but easy rectified with the correct, period worthy interior architecture selections.

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Hello Nena, the house is wonderful but is unfortunately in very bad shape. I think it's overpriced by at least $70k, if not more given the repairs it would need to address the sagging roof, water damage, and foundation problems. However, seeing how overheated the market is right now, and with all the new corporate buildings going up nearby, I would not be surprised (albeit very sad) if there is new construction on that lot by this time next year. 

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That's too bad, those flat roofs come with their own debilitating issues. It's unfortunate to see so many mid-century modern designs in that area of Houston suffer such neglect, or fall. Yeah, I agree, the market has gone crazy. There are faults running through that area, as well, from ground water extraction... they are north of WB, cross I-10/ Beltway and into Spring Branch. 

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