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Sewell Mercedes-Benz At I-10 And Highway 6?


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Rumor has it that Dallas based Sewell Motors is going to open up a new Mercedes-Benz dealership near Katy. It would be the seventh Mercedes-Benz dealership in the area (eighth if you count the Beaumont dealer). I was told that it would be on the site of an abandoned Walmart, but there's no abandoned Walmart on I-10 in Katy. However, there IS an abandoned Sam's Club at I-10 and Highway 6. HCAD shows that it's owned by LWA Properties LLC in Dallas as of January 2014. I checked the ownership of Sewell Cadillac a few miles down the highway and it's owned by Sewell 10 LLC, which has the same address as LWA Properties LLC. I just don't know when they plan to open or if they've started construction since it's been months since I've been on that side of town. Anyone know anything?

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I'm in the car industry and have heard through those channels that Sewell Mercedes in planning to build where the old Sam's Club was at Hwy 6 and 10.  Best thing that I can figure out at this point is they have to buy out the Waffle House there on the corner of the property.

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