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Dang you autocorrect!


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Inquiring minds want to know...


Why is it that the common Yiddish expression for apathy ("m.e.h." - normally no periods, but I didn't want it to change) keeps getting changed to gentle bovine lowing (moo)? 


200_s.gif  ≠ cow.jpg


It even changes it out (and combines it with the other tag for "moo") up in the topic tags... 




There's been an option to add to the dictionary on every word processor I've used since back in the day when we squinted at words rendered in giant green pixels.  Surely some mod or editor or publisher or web wizard or Grand Poobah can do something!!?!!?!!?!! 




Or is this simply a forum preference for the bucolic over the ethnic*? :ph34r:  


kinkade.gif p729.jpg ?


*perhaps set out in tiny mouseprint somewhere in the TOS?  <_< 

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I think m.e.h. Was 'banned' because it was seen as Internet slang a few years back, similar to 'leet' lingo. I think it was used so often by users wItH pOoR gRaMmEr skills (guilty), that the editor didn't want HAIF slipping down the dumb pole like Skyscraper City, City Data, and Skyscraper Page - at the time. Those websites have grown up but it seems like the massive growth occurred with young teenagers and pre-teens back in 2005ish, but has luckily matured as the users have. HAIF has always been for the most part more mature, and surely the editor wanted to keep it that way, which is truely what to this day sets this website apart from the others.

If any Mods or the Editor would like to correct me on this, I think that's how the story goes.

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