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Anthony Yanez leaving KPRC-TV; moving to KNBC-TV NBC 4 Los Angeles

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McGuff blog and other media reports confirming KPRC-TV weather weekday morning anchor Anthony Yanez is leaving the Houston NBC station to become the 12pm and 5pm meteorologist at KNBC-TV NBC 4 Los Angeles, CA.

"It's bittersweet, all of my kids were born in Houston," Yanez told mikemcguff.com. "But you get this opportunity and grab it."

Longtime Houston TV watchers will remember that former KPRC-TV weekend anchor Daniella Guzmsn is the morning anchor at KNBC. In fact, Yanez told McGuff, Guzman was the anchor he auditioned for the NBC O&O station.




Reaction from anyone on Yanez's departure from KPRC-TV ?

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Anthony Yanez will return as the morning meteorologist on Wednesday.

KPRC 2 welcomes long-time meteorologist Anthony Yanez back to Houston’s morning news (click2houston.com)

I always appreciated the dynamic between him and Owen Conflenti. The piece calls it a "bromance" but to me, it was much more reminiscent of the rapport Ron Stone and Doug Johnson had on-air during their years there. Not a morning news person, personally, but I may actually click in to see them again.

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There must not be too many moves-up from Houston but LA and New York definitely qualify. If Mr. Yanez and Conflenti have a rapport similar to that of the late Ron Stone and Doug Johnson it will surely be missed by the viewers. Stone and Johnson were great.

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