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What I can do to change this weird design?

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Hello, everyone.  I have a question about home improvement that bothers me for months. 


I bought a house a few months ago which has a "open concept" bathroom design in master bedroom. The house was built in 1991. The wall didn't separate the bedroom and bathroom completely. I thought it is OK because the previous owner lived here for 10 years. If he didn't do anything about it, he may not consider it an issue. 

But I found out that If I take a bath, the whole room will become very humid even there is a ventilator running. Should I hire someone to extend drywall all the way to the ceiling or is there any way I can fix it with small budget ? 


I need your advice/help. Thank you very much!!!





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Suffice to say this is truly a first world problem.


Can you take more pictures of the over all bathroom/bedroom combo?  Hard to ascertain what might be the proper response to this issue from the two pictures shown.  Also, a fairly reasonable floor plan - hand sketched - would be helpful.


If the bathroom is vented then you shouldn't have any big issues.  However, it sounds like its not and you like reeaaaallllllyyyyyy hot showers (hot enough to steam up 2 rooms) so you may not have a fix without spending quite a bit?

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