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An Odd Thing At Allen Parkway


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Hi...recently when I was mulling around the Pierce Elevated on Google Earth seeing what exits should be moved around and relocated for a better (and less congested) Pierce, I discovered this little "crossover" road near Crosby Street. (link)


I recognized for what it was immediately, as I had seen it on suburban collector roads when the road goes from four lanes to two (or vice versa) and one of the lanes shift over so that they can complete the full lanes later. These are often removed after the widening.


But what's the deal with this on Allen Parkway? From the looks of it, that strange closed off road segment has been there since at least '95 and it's been multiple-laned for decades. Historic imagery gets pretty muddy prior to 2000, and it's a small thing to pick out.


Has this been here for decades, or is there something I'm missing?

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It might be my imagination, but it looks like the curbs in the crossover are newer than those of Allen Parkway, plus the gates are in pretty good shape.  That indicates to me that they are there for some ongoing purpose and not just decaying leftovers from a road rebuild.  Probably something like Ross mentions above.

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I think it's there for the convenience of police and other emergency responders when they have to get over on the other side quickly to go the other way. I'm guessing it has radio controlled locks so the gate will swing open to let them do a U-turn. The freeways have them too.


But I could be completely wrong. Sometimes there is just no explanation for the way things are done in Houston.

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Actually, they need to redo those gates and turn them into removable steel posts or something. occasionally some Moron will swing the arms open. there's been more than one occasion where I nearly smacked those gates when someone tampered with them.

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