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What's going on with KCOH?


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This morning, I was thumbing around the AM band, and came across KCOH...on 1140? Checked 1230, and yep, still KCOH. Went back to 1140 and listened to it clear to work. No mention of 1140 or the KYOK calls whatsoever, but they were in simulcast.

Anyone know what's going on? Someone maybe listening to KCOH in the KYOK/KWWJ studios, and accidentally aired the wrong feed? Or is there something bigger down the road for KCOH?

With its pending application to move to Katy, KYOK will have a nice signal over the City of Houston, at least during the daytime, and a simulcast of KCOH would help to restore some of the real estate that KCOH lost in its move from 1430.

Did anyone else catch it this morning? KYOK has been rebroadcasting 1360 KWWJ for several weeks now, I presume in the anticipation of moving the station out of Conroe and into Katy. I figured there would be a launch of something new at 1140 with move, but never would've dreamed it would be KCOH.

Of course, people like myself and FilioScotia remember a time when KCOH and KYOK working together might be considered sacrilegious, lol. They were, in ancient times, direct competitors of each other, with KYOK on 1590 and KCOH still at 1430.

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If it is someone asleep at the wheel at 1360/1140, somebody needs to stop by and check the board op's pulse. The simulcast is apparently not a mistake, as KYOK is still running KCOH programming this morning.

Ah...KCOH, loud and clear at home. It's been awhile, and I like it. Here's hoping this deal remains for the foreseeable future. :)

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It appears to be permanent as Conroe's mayor proclaimed June 13th KCOH/KYOK day a couple of weeks ago.


Thank you Jesse Dunn and Darrell Martin! So glad to have KCOH on a much more listenable signal on the northside of Houston.

KCOH & KYOK in tandem. Simply put, wow! Never would have thought it could happen.

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Well, yes and no. The KCOH that was sold is now the Catholic based 1430 KSHJ. This version of KCOH at 1230 features several of the longtime personalities associated with the original 1430 KCOH. However, they actually lease the 1230 signal from Liberman Broadcasting, since they no longer own their own station. The original KCOH was sold, due to the owner's passing.

With KCOH now simulcasting on 1140, which is moving to Katy in the near future, I wonder if they may make an offer to purchase the new Katy licensed KYOK and stop leasing 1230 at the end of the agreement. 1140 will have a good signal during the day, but it won't even cover Katy at night. If KCOH were to outright purchase KYOK, that would likely change with an upgrade in the future.

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