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Future of Pinemont P&R

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I know that Pinemont Park & Ride closed in January of this year, but I'm curious at to what the redevelopment of the site entails. First, I heard it closed permanently, and not just for construction of 290. It's a pretty big chunk of land and parking lot, and I imagine that the land value is high enough for it to be redeveloped than lay fallow for years to come. If METRO owns it, they could let it appreciate in land value and cash out...but I don't know if METRO owns it and what it plans to do with the site. Anyone have more insight?

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Yep, it's a goner. Metro has closed it permanently. They do still own the land, IronTiger, so I assume once they sell the parcel, we'll get a better idea of what might replace the P&R.

Here's Metro's statement on their website regarding the closure:


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