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Bus Rapid Transit Case Study

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Interesting study if a little out of date.  (note - Cape Town's BRT has seen some significant ridership increases since this article was published).


I was a little surprised though how difficult it was to find exact information on the extent of the program.  It looks like the three trunk lines (and at least some of the feeders) were constructed for $450 million, but I don't know the total amount of mileage that was built.

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I honestly don't know why its hard for city planners to wrap their heads around this concept. It LITERALLY is a wonderful Trojan Horse to other public transport options. Laying down that BRT is a great way to gauge ridership and in some case it doesn't have to be very elaborate. Just enought money to make some nice stations and paint to put on concrete. It may not look fantastic at first, but you can slowly build a dedicated ridership base with very little cost. I think some great examples to look at are BRT in South America especially in Venezuela.  

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