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Houston Population

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Population growth

* 1,630,230

* 1,752,345

* 1,953,210

* 2,009,129 posted last month in the past online

* 2,012,606 this is what they have new online

* 2,049,438 maybe the actuall residents today

Houston has gained up to over 500,000 within those ten years.

But on EMPORIS.COM 2002 to early 2005 why did it only increased from 2,009,320 to 2,012,603. Only a 2,700 growth of those years of residents but why Houston and looking at other cities like Austin, Ft Worth and in other states grew morely up to 12,000 more residents.

* Is this the possible Census 2005 population of residents. YES or NO!

* Is the actuall population greater than it is shown online.

* Are people willing to move somewhere else to slow down the growth of people.

* Is it the Crimelog (arrested, losing lives)

* Is it Weather Forecasts(Tornadoes, Floods, HEAT)

* Is it too much consturction(Demolished buildings homes cause of freeways being built)

* Just people moving into the suburbs

* Is it too noisy

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2,012,606 is the US Census estimate. It is for the date July 1, 2004, which is a 3500 increase over the 2003 figure. Most experts attribute the slower one year growth figure to a lag in job creation.

COH Planning estimates Houston population at 2,060,000 as of Jan 1, 2005.

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San Antonio does annexed subdivision much more than Houston does now.

I much rather look at regional population growth than actual city growth.

Houston does have a large region of growing population not within it's city limits.

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Seems the majority of the new housing stock inside the city limits is coming from the following places:

1. Midtown/East End/West End/Fourth Ward townhome construction

2. Heights tract housing/townhomes/apartments

3. Suburban-style subdivisions in Alief/west Houston

4. Suburban-style subdivisions in South Houston near the Beltway (along Cullen)

5. Suburban-style subdivisions in SE Houston along Fuqua, Almeda-Genoa and others.

6. Townhome/Apartment construction in SW Houston near Reliant Park (there has to be a couple thousand, if not more, that have been built in the last 3 or 4 years south of Loop 610.

7. Suburban-style subdivisions as well as garden style apartment complexes in the once barren landscape of south Houston along 288 and just south of Bellfort Ave.

I imagine there is some more new housing going up in the Kingwood area and maybe to a much smaller degree the Clear Lake City area but I have no idea where specifically or how much.

But this also shows the difficulty the US Census Bureau has in trying to determine population growth, because they can't accurately measure how much of the new housing stock comes from people already living in the city and how much is coming from new buyers who didn't live in the city/county/region/state/etc previously.

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Guest Plastic

But how many do we have in our area? Some sources say 4.7 million some say 5.3 million.

Everything fomr Conroe,to Fairfield,to Katy,to Richmond, Clear Lak,Baytown, Texas City,and Kingwood shoudl be consider The Housotn Metroploitan Area. Some consider Galveston, but that's a little far to be consider an area of Metro Houston.

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Sometimes I come to Houston and I see towns within the city that I never knew existed. Like on I-10 the Katy freeway, there are signs with Houstons population and city limits and then there are some little areas that are like there own town like near IKEA the area with the villages.

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