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- Herring Hell (school of architecture), Rice, 1982-4

- 5110 San Felipe, the Four-Leaf Towers, 1981

- unbuilt tower that rippled in plan (Hermann Park, I think?)

- Ley Student Center expansion, Rice, 1986

- Saint Luke's Medical Tower, 1990

- Mardi Gras gate for Galveston, 1992

- the 30-year master plan for UT-Austin, 1997

- 1500 Louisiana, Enron Center South, 2001

- the Seay Building at UT-Austin (department of psychology), 2002

- UH Science & Engineering Research & Classroom Complex, 2005

- BOK Center, downtown Tulsa

- Gates computer science complex, north and south, on the UT campus.

- 2001 McKinney announced yesterday.

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i really like that 2001 mckinney tower and wish more developers had the same desire to design something bold in Houston (like we did in the 70's and early 80's). all too often houston disregards almost all sense of aesthetics for straight functionality and it is incredibly boring.

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