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Somewhere New To Go, Eh?

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hey everyone. i just wanted to ask everyone's opinion of their favorite places to frequent - be it restaurants, bars, clubs, coffeeshops or any other form of entertainment.

i want to check out new (to me) things, but sometimes i feel i am diving into a pool that is too deep!

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My Favorites:

Pappasitos - Dos XX & Tecate on tap.

Alamo Draft House - order beer & dinner while watching movie with NO kids allowed.

Houston Symphony - "Symphomanics" need only apply.

Houston Museum of Natural Science - "Life", past & present.

Improv @ Marquee center - Live "A" List Comedians

Sinh-Sinh - Best Chinese/Vietnamese food on Bellaire

Frys - Grown man's toy-store

HAIF - I'm disgustingly addicted to this forum..

Well, thats what I like to do anyway.

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1) You should attend more UH football games. And basketball games. And baseball games.

2) Drink at the Big Top Lounge...$2.00 Lone Stars and Sean Reefer on Thursday nights. This could be your first stop on a tour of cheap beer joints along the Main Street light rail.

3) Read the story on the base of the San Jacinto Monument. Check out the brig of the Battleship Texas. Have some oysters at the Monument Inn. Take the Lynchburg Ferry.

4) Have a double order of scattered, smothered, covered, chunked, diced, topped and peppered at the Waffle House on College Ave in South Houston. Afterwards, take Old Galveston Road all the way to Galveston.

5) Warren's has the best jukebox and strongest drinks in town.

6) Go dancing at Etta's some Sunday night. Do they still raffle off imitation Spam and bottles of Schlitz Malt Liquor?

7) Try every restaurant on Hillcroft between 59 and Westheimer. It's a good way to sample the cuisine of about 20 countries over a stretch of about 3 blocks.

8) The West Alabama Ice House has been around since 1928...they must be doing something right.

9) Check out a show at the Axiom.

10) Breakfast tacos at Villa Arcos are the best in town.

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5) Warren's has the best jukebox and strongest drinks in town.

Really? I've only been to Warren's once and had a couple of gin and tonics. Nothing else.

I too like the Improve at the Marq*E. Surprisingly fresh and funny acts. Also try Magic Island off the Southwest Freeway. Good for dates, actually. Not only magic shows but they also have comedians.

If you like it funky, just spend an early Saturday evening on Montrose before heading to places like the Skybar. Some nice off-the-cuff shopping available along with some pretty nice, quiet bar and grills (especially heading south on Montrose).

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