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Vintage Marketplace In Champions Developments

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Whole Foods has announced they will be opening a new location in the Vintage Park area at Cutten & Louetta. Great to hear! I think it's an excellent location drawing from Champions, Klein, Cypress and Tomball. I live in Longwood and we shop at the Vintage Park HEB all the time. Excited about having more good options for good quality organic food and meats.


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BisNow must have an ice cream headache, because it has another scoop; this time that groundbreaking is scheduled to happen in Janaury, 2013 for Vintage Marketplace, part of The Vintage development.

Whole Foods moved north of I-10 because it likes the daytime and nighttime density of the Champions area, which has an unusual mix of residential and employment centers for a suburb. Income levels top $100k in the three-mile radius, and education levels are high. Plus, Vintage Marketplace is part of The Vintage, a 670-acre master-planned community. Whole Foods is scheduled to open Q1 ’14.


Linky: http://app.newsletter.bisnow.com/e/es.aspx?s=2636&e=10398&elq=19c81822eb2846f99fccf02a071bbed5

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  • The title was changed to Whole Foods Announces Louetta Store

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