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Panhandler claims to have made $60K last year


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Interesting story, but I think he is more ignorant than lazy. To stand in one place for 6 or more hours a day all year long does not strike me as all that lazy. Maybe in the intellectual sense, but certainly not physical. I'm at a minimum you can say he is getting up out of bed, and obviously has some method of accounting his earnings.

Maybe the best way to combat this is to walk up and introduce yourself as his new boss, and start to engage him in a conversation about his numbers being down, and how he needs to start pulling his weight around here, and that you're now going to require a weekly report of his work, etc...


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I will agree with Kylejack on this one, NAM help so many people with back to school, Christmas and food. People should donate to them instead of the panhandlers! But back to the topic, this guy is not a lazy panhandler, we have those ones and West Rd and Airline. They use one wheelchair and they take turns using it through out the day. They change out in the Fiesta parking lot, and yes they can both walk just fine.

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