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Tropical Storm Debbie - 2012


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The 2012 Hurricane season's 4th named storm is Debbie, and it is projected to hit the Texas coast.



This is the earliest that a 4th named storm has developed, and the first time that 4 named storms have developed in June. It is not expected to reach hurricane force.

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New coordinates show Debbie as a tropical storm. Predictions now expect it to reach hurricane strength by Tuesday evening, and reach Texas shores by Thursday or Friday.

That is one ridiculously slow-moving storm system. A lot could happen between now and Friday.

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Paranoid or prepared? Its a perspective thing...Wife says Im paranoid, I say Im prepared...either way I have already gone and gotten everything I need to stick it out here in Houston for 6-7 days without power or services....fuel/food/water/booze - I hope it misses us though. I dont need anything else to clean up after....one 2 year old is plenty.

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If you are purchasing items that can be used with or without a storm, it is hard to call shopping early to avoid the ridiculous crowds paranoid. Anyone who has had to stand in those lines for groceries, batteries and gas in the past knows better.

The latest projections are less impressed with a Texas landfall. More likely is that Debby keeps heading north into Louisiana...though the 5 day forecast still shows Texas as distinct possibility.


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