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NCAA Football National Championship in Houston?


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Talks are heating up about starting a playoff system in college football, most likely a four team playoff. Semifinal games could be at current bowl sites and the national championship to the highest bidder. Let's hope that's the case so Houston can be in the running!

Conference commissioners and Notre Dame athletics director Jack Swarbrick are leaning heavily toward offering a national championship game to the highest bidder, which might include host cities of the current BCS bowls, or new hosts such as Atlanta, Dallas, Houston and Indianapolis, sources familiar with the discussions told ESPN.com.


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Looks like 1 and 2 seeds will host the first round games and the championship will rotate among the bcs bowls :(


Venues: Some people think No. 1 and No. 2 should get to host the semifinals in the bowls they're attached to now. So if the top-ranked team is from the Big 12, the Fiesta Bowl will hold one. If the top-ranked team is from the SEC, the Sugar Bowl will get one. If the ACC is No. 1, then the ... nah, just kidding.

Of course, that idea is completely moronic.

The most unfair part of the BCS bowls is that they're never north. They're always in the SPF 50 towns. It's unfair to teams like Ohio State and Notre Dame, teams that are built for the snow and the wind and the 4-yard nose-bending gain, to always have to go south to win titles. So we fix that right now.

Therefore, 1 and 2 will play at their home stadiums in the semis.

The championship game will be played in a bowl that will rotate between the Rose, Sugar, Fiesta, Orange and Cotton, unless one of the four teams is from a tied-in conference, in which case it'll take its turn the next season.

You're going, "Oh, no! What about our beloved Mega Dollars Bowl and all our neat-o blazers?" And I say, "Play it! It just won't mean anything, like 34 out of 35 bowl games now."

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Looks like 1 and 2 seeds will host the first round games and the championship will rotate among the bcs bowls :(


That was nothing but that writer's own personal preference. He also says in that article that all of the details such as scheduling and venues remain to be worked out.

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Let's just hope they get a playoff system first!

Yes, having a playoff system hosted elsewhere is much better than having no playoff system and having it... uhh... here... <_<


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it's not THE championship bowl, but it's a start:

The city of Houston has submitted a bid to host the Champions Bowl at Reliant Stadium, officials announced Tuesday.

Houston is among a reported five cities to bid for the game, which will feature the champions from the Big 12 and southeastern Conference.

The other four cities to bid include Arlington, San Antonio, New Orleans and Atlanta.

If selected, Houston would host the annual bowl game and also be a part of the rotation to host semifinal games in the new four-team college football playoff that begins in 2014.


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