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Noble Energy Moves Headquarters To Former Compaq Building


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Thanks. How is Greenspoint doing in general? Is its vacancy rate significantly higher than other markets in Houston? (before this move) Or has it been hanging in there due to its proximity to the airport?

Not too bad. Not great. 13.6% direct vacancy, 14.6% vacant, including available sublease space. But had 70,000 square feet negative net absorption last year.

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Thanks for the info. Good to hear its doing OK. All you ever hear about is the negative "Gunspoint" etc. Used to work up there for a couple of different jobs. Wasn't a bad location at all. It's one of those areas that if it could just clean up a few bad zones and the rep that goes with them - it seems like it could really thrive.

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As someone working on a project at Noble Energy, let me tell what seemed to expedite the move.... One day we came to work and there were bullet holes that went through a colleague's office through a hall to another office. Someone had shot up the building over night. It was time to get out of Gunspoint. Currently, Noble occupies a 14 story glass tower and 5 story pyramidal shaped building facing I-45. The area is not nice and you do not stay there after dark.

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  • The title was changed to Noble Energy Moves Headquarters To Former Compaq Building

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