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Raising Canes Coming To Pearland

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Good chicken fingers.

There's also a funny backstory. Something about how the founder was in college and had to put together a sample business plan for a college class. The teacher told him a business of just chicken fingers couldn't possibly turn a profit or something like that.

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It was started in Baton Rouge by a couple LSU dudes. Yes it was from a class project. The reason they succeeded in BR is because they stayed open all night. Bars closed at 2, and drunk people needed fried stuff. Done, success. The chicken is ok, fries I hate, toast is good, sauce is good but gets old.

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how can something start in Louisiana and be so bland? lol

Obviously the owner has no creole ties as they could at least offer a spicy version....basic menu, can get tired of it real fast and getting to be real expensive as 5 pieces is damn near $10

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