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Old Building By East End Rail Road Tracks


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My brother pointed this out, from his train, looks like it was a Furnishing Manufacturing Company Bldg.

From the sign on the bldg. Love those...Sits very close to two RR tracks, not good as a loft idea, but I still like it.

approximately - 801 Sampson St.


Bldg sits to the left, Sampson at Rusk, bottom bldg.

BTW - that old Roundhouse location has a nice old silver passenger car, just sitting there, by an Amtrak one.

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I've been by there a time or two and have seen people up on the roof doing some urban exploring and taking pictures of downtown from it, I assume the location is great for doing so.

I assume also there are probably dead hookers all over the place inside. although that isn't fair of me to judge.

As far as loft location, Washington has a really loud train with really expensive condos, townhomes and other places up and down, to me, it doesn't seem trains are that big of a deal as a lot of folk (that don't live by them) make them out to be.

IDK, I've probably just gotten used to them, since I live in east end myself, and you kind of have to, if you want to live here, since you're never more than a quarter mile away from some tracks no matter where you are!

The key is to find a way to get around the tracks when there is a train just chillin' on the crossing.

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I grew up in the East End, so trains aren't a big deal to me. I actually have a great deal of respect for them. They are a huge part of the city's history.

My great-grandmother's house on Ave E. was very close to one. Didn't realize how close until I looked at Magnolia Park (Central Park) on the aerial maps.

It's funny that you mention hookers, my brother was saying,on Facebook, that he had to stop the train, a "lady of the night" was walking in front of the engine.

I think it was pretty late. He said the train was only going about 10 mph, thank goodness. She had to have been really messed up. Sad story. He has a unique view from the engine room.

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That is one rough RR crossing in front of the pictured building. I was going to Champ Burger the other morning and crossed these tracts going a little too fast. I think I may have chipped a tooth.

There was a business there selling mattresses in that building as late as 1999-2000.

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