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Bert Wheeler Mansion At 3511 Linkwood Dr.


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Does any one know/remember the name of the private club that used to be on Buffalo Speedway north of S.Main on the east side on the street between Durhill St. and Elmridge St.? It's building were there from the early 50s to sometime around 1976. I think at one point it became someones private property. It had either a large swimming pool or a huge pond on the property. Here's a pic of the location off Google Earth 1953.


In fact if you go to Google Earth you can still see where the property was.

Edit: The present-day 2023 address would be 3511 Linkwood Drive where the Bethany United Methodist Church is located.  When viewing the historical images on Google Earth or Historic Aerials, 69 years ago, the address could have been different.  Can confirm there is a swimming pool, pond, or a body of water next to the house. 

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That was Bert Wheeler's house. It was never a club.

I was thinking that was the location that was being referenced. It was a restaurant in its latter days. I was there one time ca. 1975-76 with a salesman from my radio station, trying to get an advertising schedule. Can't remember the name of the place but the owner did mention it had been Bert Wheeler's residence (of liquor store fame).

To digress a bit - the owner was bringing out dish after dish, showing off his menu. We were the only customers. I remember a thick filet, rare, and lobster tail. There was also tabouli, kind of unusual at a surf and turf restaurant. We were of course telling him how awesome everything was. I commented that the tabouli was so much better than the cellophane packs of makings for tabouli that you could buy in grocery stores which I had tried (are those still around?) which I said were a waste of money. He looked me straight in the eye and explained that those cellophane packages were his product and contained exactly the same ingredients as used at the restaurant. We got the account anyway but the restaurant was struggling, out-of-the-way from the developing foodie scene along lower Westheimer at that time, and didn't last much longer.

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I started at Rice in 1980 and I remember some of that. I'm pretty sure Sonny Look's at 610 thrived until about 1985, Gaido's was gone by 1982 or so, Kaphan's and Dentler's hung un until the mid-80s also. I remember all the Westheimer places mentioned above. Valian's was gone by 1982 at the latest (pity) and Bill Williams was gone before I got there. Liquor by the drink was legal but the blue law didn't get repealed until 1984 or so, and yes, that was a very BIG DEAL.

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Bruce, your memory of Bert's house later being a restaurant jogged my memory. I believe the restaurant was Jamil's.


1953 image of the Bert Wheeler mansion located at the present-day Bethany United Methodist Church.


By 1957 the mansion was demolished and the church can be seen:


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  • The title was changed to Bert Wheeler Mansion On Buffalo Spdwy.
  • The title was changed to Bert Wheeler Mansion At 3511 Linkwood Dr.

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