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Peden Iron & Steel At 700 Willow St.


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Tonight I was doing that Google Earth ritual of going back into time when I noticed that the Peden property has now been totally removed. Does anyone remember exactly when they tore down the old building behind the main one, it was a very large steel building that housed the Peden Steel Delivery Trucks. My Grand Father worked as the night watchman at that building for many years before he retired from Peden. I would stop by very late to visit him some nights after being downtown goofing off. There appears to be a parking lot sitting on that spot that the building was located. I can remember in around 61 my Grandfather was out of work and started there at Peden working in the main building doing inventory and pulling sales from the bins. He must have been very happy to work there and they paid a decent wage, he talked of his boss by name but that was 41 years ago at the old steel building, so I can't recall what that name was. I do remember he always called him Mr!... Well there's just not much left of Houston I can remember, I did save another photo of my birth place there on Quitman and N. Main, the building is still standing and for sale again. I guess it will be there another 30 or 40 years until Houston Downtown moves further out, and it surely will. :(

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