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Memories Of Memorial


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I grew up in Bunker Hill Village in the 70s and 80s and have many vivid and some fuzzy memories of interesting houses, huge empty lots (where there are now streets filled with giant houses), horses, cows, buffalo, and even haunted houses. But, there is one memory I just can't seem to place on a map or even confirm that it is more than a dream. Maybe someone here can help.

I seem to remember riding my bike somewhere between Knipp and Piney Point (probably off of Blaylocl, Flintdale, or Bunker Hill) just south of Taylorcrest definitely north of Memorial. I found one of those very dark wooded dead end streets as I was looking for a shortcut home. At the end of the deadend was a house that looked like it was floating. It was in the middle of a small lake, or maybe a moat.

Does anyone have any memory of or information on a floating house somewhere around that area?

If not, maybe you have memories of other interseting houses or pieces of land you want to share.

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If info's rightly labeled and it existed neither in '73 or '81, but in '78, there must be more stories than we thought. Charles Peterman, 10 Shady Grove; Earl Alexander, at 8; and James and Joyce Weaver at 6 are the longest lived neighbors of that street or Bending Oaks. Though it's kind of a shame since I would like to call and hear the people, I think that one of you would know far more of *other* things to ask, architectural and cultural, while you're talking that I don't have the background to bring up.

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