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Pooping At NASA

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Considering the amount of traffic we get at HAIF from people working at NASA, I wonder if this note was caused by anyone we know...


Haha that's great. Are you sure its JSC?

Someone wrote "Save the planet, its the only one with beer!" on a stall in my building here. Gotta love those rocket scientists.

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Never seen that sign. But I have seen other weird stuff. Like helicopters hovering over my building at JSC, followed by doods sporting black military outfits and machine guns (I work in bldg. 44, where my old project lead decided to go shoot someone). I drank heavily that night. Oh yea, and one time before that, I had to change lanes and pass a slow moving X-38 spacecraft being transported on a flatbed. That was kinda funny to me, because I remember thinking: "Wow, I'm peed-off at this slow moving spaceship that wont get out of my way." Distant memories now. Good thing that NEW memories will be forthcomming: "would you like fries with that?".

Sorry, I'm in a sick humurous mood right now...

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