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Architectural Tours of Houston

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Don’t know exactly where to post this but here seems the most fitting (i.e. least incorrect).

We live in East Magnolia and have not taken the effort to discover Houston. Recently we toured Bayou Bend and took a short drive past the nearby mansions in River Oaks. Very interesting trip.

We plan to make similar day trips into the big city and tour other architecture. Can anyone recommend interesting sites that offer tours, or at least are easily viewable from the sidewalk? The style is less important than the significance.

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Okay, I was about to post the same question and I'm glad I found this thread. We recently opened our business in Houston and we fell in love with our new place. Just looking for a great architectural tour of Houston before going back to San Diego. Thanks, guys!

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I'd second the recommendation for mapping out a tour yourself using the Houston Architectural Guide. The first time I visited LA, I did this with a similar guidebook, and the result was far better than any canned tour could ever hope to be. 


But if you're not inclined to do that, Preservation Houston periodically offers good walking tours, with the caveat that they are generally limited to building exteriors:


Preservation Houston tours

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