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Houston Light Guard Armory & Club At 3816 Caroline St.


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Location: 3816 Caroline, Houston
Houston Light Guard Armory & Club
Designed by noted Houston architect Alfred C. Finn, the armory was constructed in 1925 to replace an 1892 building that had become obsolute. Finn detailed the building to suggest a late renaissance period neo-gothic English masonry. 

The old Light Guard Armory building at 2816 Caroline (near Alabama, behind HCC) has been empty and slowly sagging into disrepair for years, but now it's in the process of being rehabbed to house the Buffalo Soldiers National Museum. Work has already started!




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Notice in photo 2 -- there's a porta-potty stationed by the open side door on the right, the chain link gate is open and several of the window boards and balcony doors had been opened, presumably to let in light and air. In photo 1, the front door is open as well. There were a few workers walking around, though they weren't wearing hardhats and it wasn't obvious what they were doing.

It has looked that way (fence, sign) for the longest time and sat for a long time with no work, even after the announcement a year or two ago.

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My wife and I biked past the Armory this weekend, and its rehab shows some good progress. The windows along the southeast corner are already repaired, and scaffolding has gone up on that part of the building.


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