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Bachanon reviews: Bootsie's Heritage Cafe (4/5) on Yelp

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my first visit to bootsie's was just ok.....i wonder what the fuss is all about. i wonder of the tomball location works to their advantage. a restaurant of this reputation downtown has to be "on…

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"the dish contains trimmings of meats from other dishes served that day (or the day before, according to our server"

Is it just me, or couldn't the server have made it sound less like cat food?

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You mentioned having to be on point to be downtown, Rucker actually had a restaurant fail downtown (Laidback Manor) at Main and Capitol where Korma Sutra is now.

yes....i wonder if the tomball location is helping rucker's foodie rep. i seem to remember good reviews about laidback manor. do you know why it failed? i'm not aware of the circumstances that led rucker to tomball.

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I'm not sure, it was before my time downtown. After that Rucker was at Rainbow Lodge, and then he was doing dinners called Tenacity Supper Club. Bootsie's is his mom's place and he's building his own right now (Connate).

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