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Southeast Rail May Be Stopped In Its Tracks


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So Metro went ahead with these plans knowing that they were subject to congressional whim? OK. Nothing ventured, nothing gained. Hopefully we'll keep these lines but the real shame is that it is doubtful that the bogus wars, Homeland Security or the Intelligence Gang would get cut. To paraphrase Marie Antoinette, "let them take busses". ^_^

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The economic impact of high taxes that are being spent on unnecessary programs by the federal government outweighs a train that will take you from Midtown to Loop 610 West and another train that will you from Downtown to the Loop 610 North.

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That could be the case if only it were true. By historical standards, taxes are pretty low. In fact, a big chunk of the exploding national debt came from the cutting of taxes from their previously moderate levels. And, numerous studies show that some of our biggest economic expansions occurred during periods of high taxes.

But, I will definitely agree that throwing the "high taxes" cocktail into any discussion of infrastructure spending will always get a few people to agree with you.

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