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National sports radio relocated to Houston


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I listen to 1560 AM (The Game) from time to time, and even on the weekends when their national guys from Sporting News Radio (SNR) are on. A couple of times I have heard them talk as if they were doing the program from Houston. I was a little perplexed and finally found out they reloaced the operations to Houston, in partner with 1560.

I was really surprised!

SNR is also associated with Sporting News Magazine, which was started in 1886 (per wikipedia).

Kind of surprising that they moved it here but I think it's because the 1560 owner became the president of Missions Media Group, which purchased SNR.

Pretty impressive that Houston is now home to a legitimate powerhouse in sports talk radio.

HOUSTON, Dec. 15, 2010 /PRNewswire/ -- Clancy Woods will step down as President of Mission Media Group, LLC at the end of the year and be replaced by David Gow, the Chairman of Mission Media and Gow Communications, LLC, owner of 1560 The Game AM radio in Houston.

Mission Media, LLC, which distributes content under the Sporting News Radio (sportingnewsradio.com) name, was formed by Woods last year to purchase certain assets from its previous owner, American City Business Journals. Under Woods' leadership, the company moved the network operating center to Houston, co-locating with 1560 The Game. The company also brought in new, industry-leading talent including Steve Czaban and Peter Gammons, and hired a national sales team. "Clancy was instrumental in leading our changes. With the move to Houston complete and the company re-positioned, Clancy and I both thought the year-end seemed like the right time to make the transition," said Gow.


Sporting News Radio is a product of Mission Media Group LLC., a Houston, TX-based firm that creates and distributes quality audio content.

Mission Media Group, LLC.

Suite 415

5353 West Alabama

Houston, TX 77056


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